Teaching + Workshops

Core Faculty; SAIC, Low-Residency MFA program

Seminar: Cybernetics, Systems, and The N3w Hum4n; SAIC, Low-Residency MFA program

Fundamentals of Art with Tech; SAIC,Art and Technology Studies

MCA Partner School Initiative; MCA + Curie High School Art Based Residency

Programming Sound: MAX/MSP; SAIC, Sound/Art and Technology Studies

Graduate Committee; UIC, College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts

Core Studio;
SAIC, Contemporary Practices

Research II: The Posthuman; SAIC, Contemporary Practices

WWWIRED; SAIC, Contemporary Practices

3-D Jittery Interactivity; SAIC, Art and Tech

Intro to Digital Photography; HPAC

Practice Makes...; HPAC

ArtShop; HPAC

Various other technology workshops...