Taxinat0m1a (ongoing), 2015

Taxidermy means the arrangement of skin. Taxinat0m1a (taxinatomia) is a word I've cobbled together to mean the arrangement of anatomy. This is an ongoing project. Preserved parts of the body (imagined and biological) made visible.

Images (L-R):
(1) Impetus, 4-1/8"sq x 4-1/8"h. Charcoal, chalk, biological material, acrylic, resin.
(2) detail
(3) Circulatory,10"l x 5-3/8"w x 6-3/4"h. Music box movement and parts, acrylic, wood, charcoal, hand sanitizer.
(4) detail
(5) Patent V.2, 10"l x 5-3/8"w x 6-3/4"h. Music box movement, resin, acrylic. Link to Patent V.1 project.