Lullaby for Monsters, 2008

Lyrics written for spoken performance.




Lullaby for Monsters

Black eyes, cupcakes,
Monsters with a sweet tooth
pretty like me.

We come to free your dark side
and make you complete.
Cradled in its bosom
deliciously sweet.

A new handsome lie
for each new person you meet.
On top of every other
like a tomb of concrete.

Smiling pretty for the people
tired of the upkeep.
We promise you freedom
and a sense of relief.

Mad hatter, moonlight,
Only when you're here
can you pull off the best tricks.

The magic in the mantras
never blessed to cross lips,
And the thoughts that last long enough
to make beliefs stick.

Play chess with the fallen
learn the best tactics.
Coat the lesson in icing so
you'll want to swallow it.

We aim to be as dark
as humans are manipulative.
We're here to bring balance
through covert mathematics.

Orgies and fruit punch
the rites of the seven.
Their arrogance gives you wings
cuz they never feel threatened.

You'll meet to have tea
on the edge of the heavens,
To discuss the strategies
for making transitions more pleasant.

3 moons, hopscotch,
We're here to give you rest
from the games of humans.

Your skin is too taut
for eradication,
just to have to leave here
and start reconstruction.

We offer you shelter
and mood asylum.
Enough to retreat and
be cloaked among them.

Pretty, icky, girl
who was once undone,
Has an open invitation
to the Monster's Kingdom.