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Dec[17]... [all documentation for this piece has been moved to the project page]

sy5z3n_2: Ohm/Respiration for Guided Medi(a)tation [in four movements]:

(1) Emptying the old breath
(2) Filling the void / Overwriting the world with noise
(3) Reorganization / Integration
(4) Meditation / Mantra


Our first rehearsal was productive and exciting. I have 1 rule when it comes to live work: work with people who have their own experimental practices because experimenting in real time is hectic enough without having people involved who aren't open to the ideas and the process. So, I'm very happy to be working with artists who don't mind taking part in this noisy meditation practice. We have one more long rehearsal before the presentation of the live work. On top of this, I'm very happy to be performing in Marina Rosenfeld's The Sheer Frost Orchestra with several other artists on the 3rd as part of the same symposium. Looks like this baffling year is going to end on a high note.


Moving along with the upcoming performance. I've come up with an expanded title, "sy5z3n_2: Ohm / Respiration for Guided Medi(a)tation". My fellow behaviorists are artists Lori Felker and Rebby Montalvo aka TNKRT. Software has been finalized for this version and arrangements and scores have been written. This may be the first time I haven't written a score using vector art, which was convenient as I've been thinking of making a book of scores. Since I've gotten an iPad pro, I haven't found an natural way to use the pen to draw directly onto the screen. Until it was time to draw this score. So, I suppose my book of scores and notation will be all over the place now. The bigger part of this project is the system that I'm building. Imagine a system of perfomative modules similar to the Sandin Image Processor analog video synthesis system (which we have here at SAIC). I've come across a design flaw early in the process, which has to do with the fact that the things that would need to be changed easily (SD cards) aren't accessible unless the face of the module is unscrewed. It's a whole process. I already have three modules. I'll need to make some corrections before I get much further. It's an exciting project that won't be completed for a couple of years. Images L-R: (1) Rebby aka TNKRT sitting on the meditation pillow during the first meeting of the "band", (2) me aka L[3]^2 in a video still rehearsing the score.


Upcoming...SSSS! [Second Sexing Sound Symposium]. I'm participating in the concert that closes out the symposium on December 4th. I'm continuing on with my custom interactive modules for a piece called "sy5z3n_2". The module I made for sy5z3n_1 has been redesigned to include more mechanical components and to be a stand alone, running via microcontroller. Along with this redesign, a second sensor based module is being fabricated now which will be driven by a Max patch to produce sound, and a third thing is being torn apart and reconfigured by the end of the month. I've decided that these all work together under the label Instr/augments. There will be 3 of us "behaving" the live piece (yes, I still have a problem with the word "performing" as it pertains to my work) and we'll all be jacked in for the noisy meditation. Here are some process images from my studio. I'm on schedule to have all hardware fabricated by the end of September. October is reserved for composition and arrangement of the sound, November for rehearsals.