Call for performers [ongoing]

One of my studio goals is to have a performance group and a go-to list of assistants from which I can cast for multi-media performance pieces. If any of the info below appeals to you, email me at The performance company is called systemsOddity(x,y). Let's do some weirdness.

Ongoing + nonspecific
Needed: An interest in dance or movement and choral readings. Interest in exploring odd behavior (whatever that means). Interest in learning to control media with movements or other interaction.

Oct, 2015
Needed: All types for a group performance in Chicago during 2nd week of October (date TBD). Must be pretty pleasant to work with and have some movement (not necessarily dance) experience.

The basics: Main piece of costuming provided. Task based. Gallery performance. There will be 2 rehearsals in September. Dates TBD.